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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Aniruddha Dutta Part 5

Q1. To date, which is the only national political party to have contested all the general elections using the same electoral symbol?

Q2.  The 1980 Moscow Olympics were first to feature women's hockey. For the winning team, it was the country's first Olympic medal of any color. The squad was assembled less than a month before the Olympics began to help fill the gaps the American-led Olympic boycott created.

In sporting circles, the victory has been called an "irresistible fairy story". Each member of the team was promised an ox by the Prime Minister's wife
but ultimately received a package of meat instead.
Which country?
Hint: The captain of this team is related to a person who keeps on making headlines in India for good or bad reasons all through the year. For bonus, identify this person.

Q3. In 1825, the painter was in Washington working on a commissioned painting when he received a one-line letter by horse messenger telling him that his wife was ill. He left immediately for his home but by the time that he arrived his wife had already died and had been buried. This single event spurred him to move from painting to the development of something else. What?

Q4. The earliest known citation of this phrase is from the 17th-century English theologian John Owen who used the words in 1657 when he told a governing body at Oxford University that "our critical situation and our common interests were discussed out of journals and newspapers by every ___________."
English-speaking medical students use the phrase in memorizing the order of an artery, and a nerve, and the three tendons of the flexor retinaculum in the lower leg
In popular culture, the Galapagos Island tortoises brought back to England aboard the HMS Beagle by Charles Darwin in 1835, as documented in his book, The Voyage of the Beagle were named ___________.
The Indian equivalent of the phrase has been the topic of interest for quite some time now.
Which phrase?

Q5. When first used in the US military, during WWI, incoming German shells were nicknamed "____ cans" because of the material they were made of. Eventually, the term became an adjective to describe anything associated with the Army. If the term is Government Issue and the blank is to be filled with "GI", what did "GI" originally stand for?

Q6. It is a U.S.-based video-sharing website founded by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in November 2004. The name is a play on the words video, me and movie. The White House posts high-definition versions of its broadcasts on this site. Starting 4 May 2012, the site has been blocked in India by several ISPs under  orders from the Department of Telecom, without any stated reasons. Which site?

Q7. Adam founded his company in 1863, first making sewing machines in a cowshed. Commercial success brought new premises and a new product line in 1886, namely penny-farthing bicycles. He died in 1895, leaving his two sons with a company that made more penny-farthings and sewing machines than any other company in the world. In 1899 the two sons partnered with a locksmith, and started to make cars, but not very successfully. Two years later, the locksmith was dropped in favor of a licencing arrangement with a French car company. By 1914, it was the largest manufacturer of automobiles in Germany. Which company is this?

Q8. When the first edition came out in February 1922, it contained 64 pages. It measured about 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches which was a unique innovation at the time. The lead article was by Alexander Graham Bell and was on the importance of self-education as a lifelong habit. What?                                                              

Q9. The term arose in the days of theater common in the United States in the 1880s. The rowdiest audience members were in the cheapest seats, and ate the cheapest snack available. Sometimes these rowdy patrons would throw their snacks onto the stage, all of which led to the cheapest seats known by this term. What Term?

 A1. CPI, sickle and grain
A2. The team took part as Zimbabwe. Ann Grant sister of Duncan Fletcher
A3. Samuel Morse
A4. Tom dick and harry. The Indian equivalent that I had in mind was "Aam Aadmi"
A5. Galvanised Iron
A6. Vimeo
A7. Opel
A8. Readers Digest
A9. Peanut Gallery

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