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The first look of the Angry Birds Stella

If you like games for smartphones and tablets, it is quite likely that you have already played at least once the famous Angry Birds, which is developed by Rovio. In the game, you will launch different types of angry birds against green pigs.

Owing to the huge success of their flagship title, Rovio has released different versions of their product, and here is the first look of the next version, Angry Birds Stella.

"The Stella story will engage and entertain everyone," said Rovio. "It's about courage, fun and daring to be you, with a spirit of female heroism and friendship. Each character is unique and powerful in their own way but together they cause even more mischief, take adventures to new heights and prove that true friends are there for each other through every battle."

Finally, Rovio stated that the title is scheduled for release in September and the feminine aspect of the title should attract all types of players, with the objective of "celebration of female heroism."

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