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Roy's Quizzing Baatein Part-6

 In feb- 2012, this is what we wrote:

"What is common to Devdas, Don, Sholay? - Blockbuster Classics which lived in our memories and got re-created with modern flair and extravaganza....Critics debate whether the original was good or the re-make is better. While one does not get definitive answers for such questions, but everyone does agree to one thing - the plot remains fresh as ever.

We at Bizdom too are at attempting to launch or rather re-launch one of the blockbuster quizzing series ever created during the days of Yahoo-Group-Era-of-Quizzing. Starting from tonight we re-visit one of the most vintage collections of quizzes from one of the best quizzers in India - Shri Sudip Roy. It is our honour and delight to present his famed quizzing series on our blog as- "Roy's Quizzing Baatein".
We are grateful for his consent to post his questions.
Thank you sir for allowing this!!!"

All thanks to the uncertainty of our life, we stopped blogging, and now when we are back, it's high time to revive this great series also.  

So, here is the sixth edition of the same

Q1.  This word in the glossary of cricket perhaps comes from the sheep rearing southeastern part of England where the shephards might have played the early form of cricket inside the ranch with woolen balls and herding stick. The short grasses in the area made the ball roll possible. A particular feature of the fencing is said to have given rise to this term. Can you guess what it is?

Q2.  White, scarlet, royal blue and royal green. How do you connect these colours to English football league?

Q3.  If Hindi is written in Devnagri script, then which language is written in Cyrillic script?

Q4.  Name of which small grassland plant with composite flower is derived from its petal's opening and closing behavior?

Q5.  What in Australia was known as 'Charlie's angels' ?

A1.  'Wicket' from the wicket gate of the sheep pasture which they might have used as stumps.
A2.  These are the only four colours permitted for goalkeeper's jerseys.
A3.  Russian
A4.  Daisy ( from corruption of the name 'day's eye' .... it opens with daybreak and closes in the evening )
A5.  Ric Charlesworth's Australian hockey team in early eighties.


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