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The Kissing Festival!!

Omed-omedan (the kissing festival) is a Balinese traditional ceremony in Indonesia.

The tradition got originated with a fight between a male and female pig that took place in the village hundreds of years ago.

Omed-omedan, which means pulling,  is a ceremony for the youths of the village to express their joy on the first day of the new year. Thus, it represent the push and pull of positive and negative elements.

Males and females stood side by side of the village main road while waiting the signal of Hindu Pandit then both sides approached the center of the road. Village priests dump buckets of water over couples to douse their passions during the festival. Male participants pulled and kissed the female participants while other villagers poured buckets of water towards them.

This ritual had been around for at least 100 years and could only be participated in by the people of Banjar Kaja Sesetan village.
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