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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Aniruddha Dutta 1

It is our pleasure and honour to announce that a multiple time National Level Champion Quizzer - Aniruddha Da has accorded his approval for re- publishing his content (that was posted on his facebook group) on Bizdom blog. We shall be publishing his questions in a weekly series starting today.

1. It is a term referring to the unintended consequences of a company pre-announcement made either unaware of the risks involved or when the timing is misjudged, which ends up having a negative impact on the sales of the current product. This is often the case when a product is announced too long before its actual availability. This has the immediate effect of customers canceling or deferring orders for the current product, knowing that it will soon be obsolete, and any unexpected delays often means the new product comes to be perceived as vaporware, damaging the company's credibility and profitability. Which term?

2. It is one of the largest in its trade in the world. It became involved in the print trade around 1480, and grew into a major printer of Bibles, prayer books, and scholarly works. To meet its most important publication's rising costs, the last hundred years has seen it publish children's books, school text books, music, journals, the World's Classics series to match its academic and religious titles. Which publishing house is this?

3. The word was originally used for a “drawing on strong paper” or a durable drawing used as a model for another work. The term comes from the French word for “heavy paper, pasteboard”.

4. The Oxford English Dictionary states that perhaps it is a corruption of the word recruit. The earliest example from the OED is from Rudyard Kipling's Barrack-Room Ballads referring to the term in the sense of raw recruits to the British Army.

5. UNICEF originally set up the Bombay Education Initiative in Mumbai to establish a tripartite-partnership between the government, corporate and civil society to improve India’s primary education in 1994. Today, it is the largest non-governmental organisation in India. How is it known today?   

6. X originated in the seventies, in an advertising campaign that ran only in Europe.It was brought to the US in 1988 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the brand. A 1991 study found that 5-6 year old children could recognize X morereadily than either Mickey Mouse or Fred Flintstone. After is introduction, the brand's share of the illegal market went up from 1% to just under 33%.Identify X and the brand.

7. In 1992.which non smoker did the Philip Morris tobacco company is hire for $1 million to serve as its international political consultant and provide advice "on controversial issues, including the penetration of tobacco markets in Eastern Europe and the Third World"?

8. She started work as a receptionist for the Town & Country magazine, and was the only unofficial photographer on board the SS Sea Panther yacht on the Hudson River who was allowed to take photographs of The Rolling Stones during a record promotion party. She photographed Clapton for Rolling Stone magazine, becoming the first woman to have a photograph featured on the front cover. In 1974, she herself appeared on the cover, making her the only person both to have taken a photograph, and to have been photographed, for the front cover of the magazine. In 1991, she introduced a line of frozen vegetarian meals, which made her wealthy independently of her husband. Heinz Company acquired the company in 2000 and later sold it off in 2007.

9. It was launched in 1931 in the United States as Apparel Arts, a magazine for the clothing trade, aimed primarily at wholesale buyers and retail sellers. Initially it had a very limited print run and was aimed solely at industry insiders to enable them to give advice to their customers. Apparel Arts continued until 1957 when it was transformed into a quarterly magazine which was published for many years by Esquire Inc. Apparel was dropped from the logo in 1958 with the spring issue after nine issues, and the current name was established. Which magazine?

1. Osborne Effect
2. Oxford University Press
3. Cartoon, from Carton
4. Rookie
5. Pratham
6. Joe the camel and Camel Cigarettes
7. Margaret Thatcher
8. Linda McCartney
9. Original Name was Apparel Arts. Clue was in the word - Quarterly. GQ  stands for Gentlemen's Quarterly.

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