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Election 2014| Numbers | NOTA & AAP

NOTA, short for none-of-the-above option was introduced for the first time in this Lok Sabha election. I thought of studying the NOTA numbers.

Across India, NOTA garnered a countrywide vote share of 1.1% ( or 6000197 votes) in this Lok Sabha polls, which is more than what CPI  {0.8%,4327298} or JD(U) {1.1%,5992196}. The Top 30 seats where NOTA got the maximum votes are:
 At the same same I decided to compare the Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) performance against the NOTA vote share, after all it was these so honest fellows who thought that after there entry into Indian politics, we the people of nation will find an alternative to chose for. Here is the comparison:
Though UP polled the highest 5.92 lakh votes in favour of NOTA, this translated into just 0.7 per cent vote share. In fact, barely 19 of UP's 80 seats recorded more than 10,000 NOTA votes. However when we compared the NOTA performance with AAP, here is the 51 seats where NOTA got more votes than AAP:

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