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Take A Q - Take A Bow !

Purity whenever, wherever seen, heard or felt always is fascinating! One doesn’t have to search for it’s intensity or motive, because it is always clean, transparent and brimming with positive energy . There is something divine about it’s characteristics, there is some thing mythical about it’s atmosphere , when surrounded it is just as if one is getting enlightened. However we may never know how enlightenment feels like  , nor we may know what it is all about, but one thing which can be related to it is, that purity is free of conditions, in other words it is just unconditional .

It is then what can be attributed to this wonderful little – big group  : Pure . At a time when most of the recreational activities are becoming commercialized , quizzing also is fast becoming a “show of reality” read “Reality Show”. Take A Q is a group which has an ever accommodating approach which welcomes everyone with open arms. People in Take A Q  just seem to be in for plain quizzing and quizzing only, no separate laurels are required when an informal club just completed 5 years of inception successfully, has a following of about 2200 people . It just seems as if this might just be the beginning of a great quiz club for the future, though one may not see any sort of legalization of it’s identity to continue in it’s Endeavour  after all the great  MCC (yes the Marylebone Cricket Club) found in 1787 only got a legal entity status as late as December 2012.

Purity in it’s intentions and purity in it’s execution is what makes this quiz club a one of it’s kind. It is time that Take A Q ! deserves to Take A Bow.
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