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Desi Brand

Tata crucible campus delhi

Credit: Gurudutt Biswal

1. Murjani group had a joint venture with this company which later bought
it out. Name this company.

2.this famous family in Delhi has been known to be the cooks in the
mughal period. They were banished later but came back in 1911 for the
Delhi durbar. They started with an outlet and now own a restaurant.
Name them.

3. Identify the old logo of the national mineral development corporation.

4. Identify the brand of soap by this old ad. This brand of soap is
famous for its floating qualities in water.

5.nalco is Orissa has done something new. Instead of the usual movie
stars or sports persons,it has appointed a famous artist from Orissa.

5. This inhouse GPS system is of which famous Indian company. the world famous talk show that ended on may 25 2011.

7. This famous company was responsible for the advent of color
television and recording devices in India. It was associated with the
1982 Asian games.

8. Name the term derived from household management.

9. Choose. This brand of beer is the name of an angel(st Peters,san

10. Name this racing team who were cleared recently and have
associated themselves with lotus team.

11.s2 is famous brand by which well known person.

12.sevalakshmi foundation is the csr arm of which famous company?

13.this famous iit Delhi alumnus was appointed by Kofi Annan in 2005
to the un in the management advisory committee.

14.which Indian company has introduced  refrigerators to the rural
Indian households that need no electricity.

15.Connie and friends is a reference to which famous hotel


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