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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No.8: Prepare Tata crucible

Q1. Expression is a monthly magazine, published in English and Thai in alternate months, for the Platinum and Gold card members of ______

Q2. It is the invisible charge that consumers pay to banks in establishments that accept payment cards. What is being referred here?

Q3. This Italian fashion brand dressed the AC Milan and Chelsea Soccer sides in the past as well as Italy’s national team. It’s now sponsoring the Milano Thunder Boxing team. Which brand?

Q4. In 1970s Denmark faced a severe energy crisis as crude oil supply from Middle East had almost stopped. The government was forced to ban use of elevators in buildings and make people stop using cars to save energy. This acute shortage of oil led to the rise of which energy in Denmark?

Q5. It’s a volume index which measures the quantity of goods produced. However, in the 287-item index, there are 33 items for which the data is calculated in value terms, which need to be converted into a volume-based index. Which index is being referred here?

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