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Roy's Quizzing Baatein Part-5

Q1. International Federation for this sport was formed in 1988. The first world championship was held in 1991. Asian Federation was formed in 1995. In the Athens Olympics, this sport was displayed out of the competition for global exposure. which sports ?

Q2. Which category of employees of Kerala Goverment are allowed to retire from service at the age of 65 years, whereas the otherwise retirement age there is 60 years for Doctors and 55 years for others.

Q3. Gandhi was known for his Penchant for simple Khadhi. Very few however know that he patronised silks as well. He once visited one Joshi family in Ahmedabad who were the only family in the country with know how for manufacture of a very exclusive silk textile. With Mahatma's blessings, the Joshi family started sales outlets for the particular brand which today has spread to other parts of the country. Which exclusive textile was this?
Q4. International airport in Delhi is named after Indira Gandhi. Which other airport in India is named after a woman?
Q5. The dancers perform this dance straight legged with anckle belts, similar to those depicted in Mughal miniature paintings. Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow patronised and perfected this style in his court. Which dance?

1. Carrom
2. Elephants employed by the Kerala Government.
3. Tanchoi Silks. The three Joshi brothers were sent to China by the Maharaja of Jamnagar to learn this exclusive art. Tanchoi means 'three brothers'.
4. Rani Ahalya Bai Holkar Aiport in Indore.
5. Kathak.
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