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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Subrata Dass

For this week we have Subrata Dass as our GQM

1. Which company has started an initiative called “ Bedhadak Bolo” to egg on their employees to speak up their minds in internal meetings?

2. X and Y had built a “Blue Box,” a device that allowed them to make long-distance calls for free by fooling the networks’ routing switches. The two pranksters used the box to call the Vatican, with X pretending to be Henry Kissinger and asking to speak to the pope. They spoke to several Vatican officials but never actually got the pope on the line. Id X & Y .

3. Russian Nobel laureate Elie Metchnikoff, shared the Prize for Medicine in 1908 for his work on the immune system. But his lasting cultural importance may lie more with work on the healthful properties of yoghurt which he thought was the reason for the long lifespans of peasants in Bulgaria Metchnikoff's theories were more optimistic than accurate; yoghurt is certainly healthy but no miracle worker. But he popularised yoghurt as a health food and in 1919, three years after his death (at 71, after years of yoghurt) a Spanish doctor named Isaac Carasso who had read his work started a small business in Barcelona to sell yoghurt as a medicine. He named it X , after his son Daniel, who grew up to take the business to France and expand it into the dairy foods empire it is today. Id X

4. The name A is part of Y's naming tradition of using the name Crown for primary models: the B, for example, gets its name from the Latin word crown; A in Latin means small crown; and C is an Anglicized pronunciation of the Japanese for crown, kanmuri.
Id A,B,C and Y

5. What is the best known product of the organization called Outfit 7 owned by Narry Singh?
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