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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Santanu Dey

For this week we have 2009's Tata Crucible National Winner (Non-Tata Track), Mr. Santanu Dey. A great set of questions.

Q1. Mattighofen is a town in the district Braunau am Inn, part of the Innviertel region, in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. In 1934 engineer Hans Trunkenpolz started out a metalworking shop in Mattighofen. In 1953 they began production of their most famous product with just 20 employees, at the rate of three per day. Name the brand.

Q2. The last name of the main protagonist gives the feel of someone low on the social ladder and unlikely to succeed.
The author said …"I don't say he's a great man. .. never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. He's not to be allowed to fall in his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person."
Id the book.

Q3. “Hey Nikita is it cold
In your little corner of the world
You could roll around the globe
And never find a warmer soul to know

Oh I saw you by the wall
Ten of your tin soldiers in a row
With eyes that looked like ice on fire
The human heart a captive in the snow”

Nikita by Elton John…
Name the lady (remember it is a Biz Quiz)

Q4. Id the logo/seal

Q5. Connect…
A movement which was founded on May 1, 1776, in Upper Bavaria with an initial membership of five, by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt .
A very famous brand by a company which was started in 1851 as Maullin & Blanchard.
Mahendra Sandhu

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