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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No.7: Prepare Tata crucible

Q1. He made gains of about $1 billion from his entry and exits in telecom Aircel, RPG Cellular and Dishnet. Similarly, he bought Barista, the coffee chain, for Rs 65 crore in 2004 and sold it for Rs 500 crore in 2007. Who is this friendly investor who has stakes in KS Oils and Ruchi Soya?

Q2. About 236 Satya Bharti Primary Schools, which impart free English-medium education, are operation in Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Whose CSR initiative is this?

Q3. To study urban development issues Mr. Wilhelmson visited Mumbai and Kolkata in 2005 and his interaction with women living on Mumbai’s pavements inspired him to design Peepoo. What is peepoo?

Q4. Which International casual dining restaurant chain founded by Alan Stillman in 1965, which features standard American cuisine, bar food, alcoholic beverages and in India it is planning to treble its outlet count by 2015?

Q5. It is known as Detroit of India for its large concentration of automakers like Hyundai Motors India, BMW India and Ford Motor India besides mobile handset manufacturer Nokia India; recently labors disputes have rocked this city. Which city of India?

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