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Bournvita Quiz Contest (BQC) Lucknow Prelims

Contributed by Tathagat Bhatia

Prelims BQC- Lucknow edition

Who became the last ruler of Awadh in 1847?
Who succeed Somnath Chatterji as the Lok Sabha speaker?
Name the adjustable diaphragm present around the opening around the pupil?
In the Harry Potter series, the name of the most important of the 4 balls used in Quidditch is the Golden ______?
For which movie did Kajol win the award for the Best Actress in the 56th Idea Filmfare Awards?
In 1847, who was the first U.S. President to appear on an American postage stamp?
Whose full name at birth was Rabindro Shaunkar Chaudhary? (options-Ravi Shankar,Bismillah Khan or Shiv Kumar Sharma)
In Bangladesh’s currency, 1 taka is divided into how many ‘poishas’?
What is the silver coating in sweets generally called?(options-Poha,Varak or Tadaka)
Which vowel comes immediately after Y on a standard computer keyboard?
Which is the only animal to spend winter in open Antarctica?(options-Polar Bear,Walrus or Emperor Penguin)
In 1509,Peter Hallen, a German locksmith, began to make what?(options-Telephone,Watch or Radio)
Which city was the state capital of Orrisa until succeeded by Bhubaneshwar in 1948?
Coir is extracted from the tissues surrounding the seeds of which fruit?
What is the national sport of Bhutan?(options-Archery,Kabaddi or Hockey)
In 2002,scientists used a blend of Multani Mitti, milk and cereal, and lime to clean which monument?
Mt.Logan is the highest peak of which country?
Which is the only state of India that starts with the letter ‘S’?
In the Hindu mythology, who was the son of Ugrasen who heard the divine message-“Your sister’s son will kill you”?
Who was the 1st Nobel Prize winner to win the Bharat Ratna?
Census of India is conducted every 10,15 or 20 years?
Which state is often called ‘God’s Own Country’?
The flag of which country is often referred to as ‘Old Glory’?
Which spice is the dried berry of Piper Nigrum, a climbing shrub?(options-Cinnamon,Nutmeg,Black Pepper)
Monty and Ferdy are which cartoon character’s nephews?
Visual (Indian footballer)-Sunil Chhedri
Visual (monument)-Humayun’s Tomb
Audio( voice of a well known actor)-Hrithik Roshan
Audio- a song from Desi Boyz


Wajid Ali Shah
Meira Kumar
My Name is Khan
George Washington
Ravi Shankar
Emperor Penguin
Taj Mahal
C.V. Raman
10 yrs
Black Pepper
Micky Mouse
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