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Total 41 teams participated.Venue:IMI,KOLKATA,QM:Mr.Jakob Cherian(BSP)
1.In US the Job title “Director of first impressions” is becoming popular?What does this mean?Ans:Receptionist
2.Which Company has launched the new ad campaign this year which features its employees.Ans:Tata Steel
3.Protection&Security,motto of which Organisation.Ans:CISF
4.Photo of Jan Carlzon shown,turned around Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), He is best known for writing a famous book called ___: New Strategies for Today's Customer-Driven Economy ,popularised which term?Ans:Moments of truth
5. Adventure,Culture,sports,medical,eco-popularised by a Suffix?Tourism
6.Ad campaigns showing V.Anand’s wife & Sachin Tendulkar’’s brother ?Identify the organisation?Ans:Union bank of India
7.Who is the Chairperson of National Innovation Council?Ans:SamPitroda
8.KBC winner Sushil Kumar is brand ambassador of which GOI Scheme.Ans:MNREGA
9.Google doodle of 12th Dec’2011 shown,Occasion?Ans:birth day anniversary of Robert Noyce
10.Name the person who was recently in news for leading a major labour strike in a large MNC?Ans:Sonu Gujjar(Maruti)
11.NGO “ON” launched by whom.This brings rich experience from the public, private, and social sectors to their roles?Ans:Pierre Omidyar (Omidyar Network)
12.LongTitle,emperor of ….including Uganda?Ans:Idi Amin
13.India”s Warren Buffet,owns Financial Investment firm Rare Enterprises named after his and his wife Rekha.Ans:RakeshJhunjhunwala
14.If QSR Means Quick Services Restaurant then ACDR means?Ans:Affordable Casual Dining Restaurant
15.Long passage from an ad leading to word A1 “.Ans:Audi
16.First make people laugh,then make them think,IGNOBLE prizes given by which organisation?Ans: The Improbable Research organization
17.Rovio –the owner of Ă„ngry birds”have opened a shop in which city recently.Ans:Helsinki
18.In Canada mails are delivered if addressed to “HoHoHo”.Ans:Santa Claus
19.International Festival of Creativity,this event is known as ?Ans:Cannes Internatinal advertising festival
20.Gaddafi,the Libyan Dictator was having investments in this Indian Company through Libyan Investment authority .Ans:ICICI BANK
21.In deep Vaccum we create wonders-tag line of which organisation.Ans:MIDHANI
22.For those who do-tag line of which organisation.Ans:LENOVO
23.Versprung durch Technik,tag line of which company.Ans:AUDI
24.In US Code word for a Missing or loose nuclear missile is?Ans:Broken Arrow
25. IBM -1st ever PC, later First ever TV ad,which became their mascot etc.etc.Ans:Charlie Chaplin
26. I can forgive Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize.Who said it?Ans:George Bernard Shaw
28.”San Ge ShaGua” Indian Film a hit in China.Which Indian film?Ans:Three Idiots
29.The Bond film “From Russia with Love” was released in India with a slight name change keeping in view India’s friendship with Russia.Ans:It was renamed as “From 007 with love”
30.Bodyguard at your home.Which kitchen appliance company.Ans:Tupperware

Points Highest :21, Cut-off 15.

Teams on podium:
1.RSP(SS Panda,Sampad Mishra)
4.Vizag Steel
5.RSP(D .Rabha,R.Banjare)
Some strong Teams like TCS and Metal Junction got eliminated in the written round.4 out of top 6 teams were from Public Sector Steel Companies.

Final results: 1.ITC (Winner by a wide margin) 2.Vizag Steel
A little comment on the gifts given by AIMA to the top six teams:
1.Few “Catch “Salt and Paper pkts. Fiama Di Wills Shampoos, one /two Yellow (!!!!) colored lipsticks/Nail polishes (for Lady Gaga!!) of some unheard brand. Was it a joke?!!!AIMA charges Rs.7000/ per team (probably highest in India for a Biz Quiz) and the Venue/other expenses etc. most probably borne free by the newly set up IMI, Kolkata.
We know this is not Tata Crucible or Brand Equity Quiz, which are supported by Big Corporates. Nobody asked for such gifts in first place. AIMA also does not announce Prize Money for the Regionals beforehand ,so you never know. Why cut such a sorry figure? Just give some pens/books or cups to the teams, nobody would mind. After all, teams come to participate just for their love for quizzes.

2.And the quiz never starts in time. Hope somebody will take note.
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