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Tata Crucible Corporate Delhi 2011

1.Which place in Delhi got it's name when the britisher decided to apply a system to seperate british millitary areas apart

2.Which American in August 1960, exported a number of textile products through India Loomcraft at Shankar Place in New Delhi,today it is a big name

3.For which airlines once owned by Aristotle Onasis did Coco Chanel design uniforms?

4.Pic Shown of a man ,hint given : Scheme

5.Which entrepreneur who returned to India in 1977 teaches at the Auroville Univesity Foreign Affairs?

6.In India Publication what TTT if the first T stands for Tinkle

7."Heart of Commerce" is the tagline for which financial services company,they are known for transactions.Hint given dig deep into your wallets

8.Which famous business man financed John L Baird to invent T.V

8.Logo of Qatar Foundation

9.Which upmarket brand has a ltd unit of 77 units in India,started their services in Oct 2010

10.Donald Trump range of perfumes owned by which company.Hint company named after a person

11.In 1906 which Asian country consumed 39000 tonnes of the 41 thousand produced opium.


13.New term given for people who wander in Malls , Options given Mallderer/Mallrat

14Question about first

15.Question about Gurucharan Das and his documentary and the book India Unbound

16.Kokoyo co is taking more 50% of stake in which Indian company.the products are hugely popular with kids

17.Ashok Chawla is appointed as Sec gen of which GOI undertaking under the commerce ministry

18.Logot with three birds

19.which Hollwood actress died in March 2011 featured in films such as My Father's Bride

20.a question about how gold prices are fixed

21.Pic of George Soros

22.In translates into "Field of Development" houses a theatre called Shakuntalam.which place in Delhi

23At NYSE which company trades as IBN

24.which place is a huge set up for film studios also has amusement parks

25.Indian browser logo .Hint given usually name related to Hindu Mythology.
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