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Courtesy : Rajath Shetty
1. Alexander Douglas First Graphic game : OXO
2. Web Video Search Engine owned by AOL , created by Timothy & Adam : TRUVEO
3.Coding Scheme that represents Indic Script and Roman Transliteration: ISCII!! ( like ASCII)
4. Comes in printed form even now , what is the e- form called ; can come in mails etc : Ezine
5. First called a Bicycle Generator Lamp Company , now An Electronics company : Sanyo
6. Strategy game in which a player controls dimunitives ; goblinoid creatures made up of baked clay ) : GRUNTZ
7. Text editor of steve kurkindox : ELVIS

1. Logo of Friendsfeed
2. Four Square day celebrated on 16th April. Waatz The funda?? Find out if you want 2 win TCS ;)
3. Logo of ICANN
4. .wwf is a file format developed by World Wildlife Fund . What is the speciality of it : This file format cannot be printed , this is done in order to save paper !!
5. 1919 company named after Mt Takachino ( Camera) : OLYMPUS
6. “Making the world work better, a century of ideas” whose book ? : IBM

Buzzer @ TCS
• On enviroment day , traffic form kntrva stadium was diverted what was the reson? TCS 10 k Marathon in Bangalore
• Development of swachch by TCS was made under what project? Sujal
• Who is the First Bank customer of TCS ? Central Bank of India
• A question on Swayam service of TCS .

Round 4 :
• Safari , Hp and order of the phoenix , Echo logo : All are Browsers
• JAVA---20th Century Fox---Batman and the Dark Knight : BLURAY DISC ( dark knight 1st in blu ray )
• Pranav Mistry ---Mysore-----Ted Founder---Saping foundation TED
• Floppy----Lotus software----Barcode ---Charlie Chaplin(audio) IBM

Round 5
I] 1st clue :Comic book explaining development of Chrome
II] 1st clue : Widely kown as Youtube of documents : Scribd
III] 1st clue : Chris agarpao.... was first employee of Z.
2nd clue: Z bought paypal . watz Z ?: ebay
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