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QuiZZInG for Beginner (QFB) By Srishti Jain

So, here we are with a new series on BiZdoM,QuiZZInG for Beginner , by a new member in our team.
Srishti Jain, is Studying Computer Science at University of Delhi and has promised to make this a weekly affair.
In the past many of you ( reader) has mail/cursed/advice us to put answers to our weird qts. For all those, i.e. Just-Answer-Seeking-Quizzer, this is a right series, since this time you will get answers, after ONE Week, however will still like to see your participations, esp the new quizzers. As, this is a beginner's quiz.

Part 1

1. The origins of which company rest with Eastman Dry Plate Company and the General Aristo Company?

2. Which airlines can trace its origins to orient Airways,which was formed in 1946 in Kolkata

3. Which is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear reactors?

4. Which is Europe’s largest cigarette maker?

5. Who is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC?

6. Which firm in dollar terms is the most successful hedge fund, having returned $35bn to its investors since it was established in 1973?

7. Which man named his investment partnership after part of Hiesenberg’s Uncertainity Principle?

8. Which is the World’s biggest payment network?

9. Where are the headquarters of Oracle Corp situated?

10. Which company dislodges Nokia as the world’s biggest Smartphone maker?

11. The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) is set to come into force between which two countries?

12. The world’s largest overall handset producer?

13. Which is Japan’s largest electronics and media group?

14. Which company is one of the first gaming companies ,which has boomed through its association with Facebook?

15. For the first time in internet history, you can now listen to any track, any album, right now, legally with no charge. Which company made this possible?

16. Which is India’s biggest real estate company?

17. Which is the United Emirates biggest real estate developer?

18. Who are the two new full time members on the board of Sebi?

19. Which food chain was declared the biggest fast food chain in the world after it recently overtook McDonald’s?

20. Who bagged the prestigious mBillionth 2011 award that fecilitates mobile innovation, applications and content services delivery in South Asia?

1. Kodak
2. Pakistan International Airways(PIA)
3. Areva
4. British American Tobacco(BAT)
5. George Soros
6. Soros Fund Management
7. George Soros
8. Visa
9. Redwood City,California,US
10. Apple
11. India and Japan
12. Nokia
13. Sony
14. Zynga
16. DLF
17. Emaar Properties
18. S Sridhar,former chairman of Central Bank Of India and Rajeev Agggarwal,a senior IRS Official
20. Hibuddy
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