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ICC unveils logo for 2015 World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has commenced preparations for the 2015 World Cup by unveiling the next World Cup logo.
The unveiling of the logo is as part of a symbolic handover from the successful 2011 hosts to their successors who will host the next World Cup after four years. Australia and New Zealand will together be hosting the next World Cup.
Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive has described the logo as "a dynamic logo which captures the cultural influences in the host countries."
The world body of cricket approved the logo chosen from among submissions from around the world and then awarded it to Future Brand, an international agency whose Australian arm was invited to produce the logo.

It in turn commissioned graphic consultancy, the Jumbana Group/Balarinji to create both Australian and New Zealand cultural motifs so as to reflect the two indigenous countries' cultural identities.
The ICC had asked the consultancy firms to convey the cultures of both countries in a positive and harmonious way and also to expresses a feeling of celebration and unity in the graphics.
The images in the logo is Maori Tohora symbolising toughness, pride and tribal culture, an Aboriginal journey tracks symbolising spirit of the land and Balarinji based the motifs on interpretations of Future Brand's creative brief signifying toughness, glory, resilience, connection and belonging.
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