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Durex Performa: Extra Time

Durex Condoms has found a rather interesting way to sponsor the "extra time" board used by the referees to let player how much injury time has been added to the game — by turning the board itself into a giant condom wrapper.

Durex Performa is a condom that contains a special lube, Benzocaine, inside the sheath which helps the man to control climax and prolong excitement. We needed to communicate this benefit in a simple and memorable way using media that the target, men, would understand instantly.

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We decided to use the electronic boards held up at half time and the end of matches to signify how much extra time will be p|ayed.These boards were branded with the Durex Performa colours and logo. Of course, with our branding of the boards, the extra time took on a whole new meaning and relevance!

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Bangkok, Thailand
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