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Carlsberg rolls out new brand identity worldwide

Beer major Carlsberg is in the process of repositioning its brand identity and has invested significant amount in this exercise. The initiative is developed around engaging today's young customer base with its tagline 'That calls for a Carlsberg'. Likewise the brand's visual identity will also be modernised; distribution channels will be widened and a completely new range of packaging is being rolled out across more than 140 markets.

Carlsberg, arguably one of the world's premium beer brands, is getting its most significant makeover since the beer's origination in 1847. The brand's logo now carries three elements: the Brewer's Star, the Hope Leaf, and the inclusion of "Copenhagen 1847," indicating where and when the beer was first brewed. These three elements are together for the first time. New packaging is currently being rolled out this year across all 140 markets.
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