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Tata Crucible Campus 2011 - Coimbatore Prelims

We are thankful to our dear reader Mr. Ramakrishnan for providing us the Prelims questions of the Tata Crucible Coimbatore edition. He also participated in the quiz and went upto wild-card round.

Winner:- Bharathiyar university. 
Runners up:- Amrita university.

Prelim Qs

1- Which controversial Pakistani cricketer is the new face of Hajmola?

2- Which FMCG major has recently ventured into healthcare with their product Nutrigo?

3- What started in 1935 in India through Hilton Young Commission?

4- Identify her?

5- Which Indian business family owns “National Peroxide”?

6- JK Paper has recently tied u with which global printing technology major for producing “Colorlok” papers?

7- In October 2010, the Delhi High Court rejected whose plea for the rights to exclusive usage of the “Sugar free” tag?

8- Identify the gentleman?

9- Which FMCG and skin-care major has tied up to sell German company Mann & Schroder’s baby care brands in India?

10- Which company founded in London in 1772 currently owned by Energizer Holdings originally produced guns, bayonets, and other objects such as typewriters, garden shears, scissors and motorcycles?

11- Genteel liquid detergent has been acquired by which Indian major?

12- Whose ad campaign is this?

13- Which company recently patented “Red Herbal Dentifrice” in the US?

14- What does M stands for in the business terminology MICE?

15- The mass hair color brand “Hair Life “has been launched in India by whom?

16- Identify her.

17- In a big move, who sold their Vanaspati brand “Rath” to Cargill India?

18- Kaya Ltd. Is an entrepreneurial venture of which Indian house?

19- Which car sub-brand literally translates into “dot” or “point” in India?

20- Whose logo is this?

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