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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No.6: Prepare Tata crucible

1. Whom did Bruce Barton’s book, The Man Nobody Knows portray as a salesman?

2. In the world of branding, what is ‘The Perception Gap’?

3. It is a term originally referred to the four economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea (South), and Taiwan, which are all known for their very high growth rates and rapid industrialization following Japan from the late 1960s onward.

4. What is/are 'banana wars'?

5. One of the most remarkable groups of springs is near Guelma. There are two principal sources. Their waters unite in one stream whose course is marked by gigantic limestone cones, some of which are 36 ft. high. The water, which is at boiling point, falls into natural basins of a creamy white colour, formed by the deposit of carbonate of lime. What is the Arabic word for these springs?
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