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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No. 5: Prepare Tata crucible

1. This product, launched by Sony in 1998, was a portable storage device that could be attached to a personal computer easily. The brand name has now become a generic term used to describe all such products. What was the brand name?

2. Which term was coined by the Economist in 1977 to describe the decline of the manufacturing sector in the Netherlands after the discovery of natural gas in 1960's?

3. In 1908, leading figures such as Bhai Vir Singh, Sir Sunder Singh Majitha and Sardar Tarlochan Singh founded this to help the weaker section of the society in their economic endeavours to raise their standard of life. In spite of the fact that all its major operations were left in Pakistan and only a few outlets remained in India after partition.It was the one of the few in northern India who has honored the obligations of the migrating people from Pakistan.

4. This company was found by Tomas Zlin,(the then austro – hungarian empire)in the year 1894.Its present headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland.

5. This brand had it’s beginning when three dreamers in Karnal, now in Haryana, thought of producing a Indian brand of footwear a basic necessity available to their countrymen.
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