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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No. 4: Prepare Tata crucible

1. This company was started in 1945 by 2 brothers named _____ and a person named Ghulam Mohammed. The company logo was chosen with the names of the brothers and the name of Mohammed in it.

2. It is a form of business entity that combines the benefits of partnership and limited structures, providing firms with greater flexibility in functioning and requires much less compliance leading to large saving on operational costs. What is being referred here?

3. It refers to a short-lived recovery of an economy from a recession, before it slips back into a recession. In economic terms, when the GDP of an economy goes into negative, after a brief period of showing positive growth, the economy is faced said to be faced with a ……………. Fill in the blank.

4. Which famous author said that he turned to the world of video games for inspiration for his new book, ``Luka and the Fire of Life.''?

5. India’s present accounting system will converge with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from April 2011. What is the new name for this accounting practice?
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