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Sweet Short & Simple (3S) Quiz No. 3: Prepare Tata crucible

1. This company had been opened as a small dispensary company. After this the company shifted its focus to acquiring, constructing and repairing docks after certain mergers and acquisitions. After that the company established its pharmacy and soft drink industries in China and Philippines. The Company also explored its business in retail food & non food outlets and real estate sector. Once the organization had run into trouble and rescued by Hongkong and Sanghai Bank by acquiring a significant stake in the company. Then company established its core business telecommunication for which it is currently known in all over the world. Right now the company holdings include world’s biggest port and telecommunication operations. This is a fortune 500 company and listed on the Hong Kong Stock exchange. Name the company.

2. Racer, Ranger, Corsair and Citation were shortlisted from 20000 possible names for this new offering of a world renowned company. But in 1956, the chairman named it _________ after the founder’s child, from the rejected list of names. The name is thought to be having connotations of ‘hard sell’. Name the brand

3. In 1880, in England an act was passed in the Parliament that banned foreign coins entirely as an illegal tender. What was the cause of this legislation?

4. Brady, a NewYork peddler in the early 1900s sold pots and pans made of the new material alluminium. However it used to get tarnished quickly when used for cooking. As an answer to this with the help of his brother –in-la he came up with a surface scouring method using German steel wool impregnated with soap and jeweller’s rouge. The pads made by Brady were so effective that they soon outsold his kitchenware. Hence , was the beginning of which brand?

5. Edwin Land and George Wheelwright formed Land-Wheelwright Laboratories to manufacture the polarizer for glare reduction in photographic filters, sunglasses and aeroplane windows. The company’s first sale was to Kodak, Eastman used the polarizer as a component in photographic lens filters. Later Land acquired all the assets of the company . The company is now known as?
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