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Brand Ambassador - Hrithik Roshan : J. Hampstead Suitings

J. Hampstead Suitings has signed Hrithik Roshan as its brand ambassador. J.Hampstead is an international worsted fabric brand brought into India by Siyaram’s in 1995.


-Earlier J Hamptead was endorsed by the tennis duo Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes when they were in the peak of their careers. When the personal relationship between both of them became sour the brand to take off the campaign featuring these players.

- J Hampstead was also endorsed by the entire South African cricket team. The South African team was considered to be very professional and clean. But then came the unpredictable misfortune. Hanse Cronje , the celebrated SA captain was accused of match fixing. This forced the brand to shelve the entire campaign.

- At one point of time Geoff Boycott also endorsed the brand.

- In 2008, J Hampstead endorsed Priyanka Chopra.

J Hampstead's tagline:-
" The world's Finest Fabric "
" Nothing But the Best "
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