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WikiLeaks Changes Domain Name After Cyber Attacks

While still accessible by typing in the domain number, people trying to access the site by typing WikiLeaks into a search engine or their browser will not be successful.
The US-based provider,, took the controversial site offline earlier today, claiming that the constant hacking attacks were so powerful that they were damaging its other customers.
It said it had become the "target of multiple distributed denial of service attacks" which threatened the stability of its structure.
The domain name is currently inaccessible. However, the site is still available through the url: Also, WikiLeaks has said it had registered its new domain name in Switzerland. 

The action by EveryDNS, which provides around 500,000 Web sites, followed a decision on Wednesday by Inc. to expel WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing organization, from its servers, although it remains on the servers of a Swedish host, Bahnhof, as it continues to anger the United States by publicizing a huge array of some 250,000 leaked State Department documents relating to American foreign policy around the globe.
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