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Godrej Consumer Products Buys Genteel And Swastik Shikakai

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) has acquired liquid detergent brand'Genteel' and hair wash soap 'Swastik Shikakai' for an undisclosed amount.
GCPL has acquired 100% stake in Naturesse Consumer Care Products Limited (NC) and Essence Consumer Care Products Limited (EC) from Muskan Projects Private Limited .
NC and EC own Swastik Shikakai and Genteel, respectively.

Both the above brands, which were earlier owned by the Sarabhai family, were later bought out by the Mumbai-based Priya Kothari family two decades ago, which are now keen on focusing on their engineering business.
GCPL has been on an acquisition spree over the past couple of years. Its acquistions include personal care brands Rapidol and Kinky in South Africa, Tura - a medicated personal care brand in West Africa, Indonesia-based household care company Megasari Group, and Issue Group andArgencos - two hair colorant companies in Argentina.
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