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Tata Crucible Corporate Lucknow 2010

1.Brand name inspired by the word vividness,vivacity?
2.The Week is published by which group?
3."Make.Believe".Which brand says this?
4.Nexus One is a phone from which giant.Rivalling i phone?
5.In 1979 he bought the Ritz Paris.He is the is known as the legion of honour.He owns UK largest department Store?
6.A high density optical disc format its name is derived from the laser it uses.Hint the laser colour
7.X was founded in 1986 fully owned by Govt of India.Later on acquired by TATAs renamed to Tata Communicatons
8.Louis Pasteur's scientific invention helped the survival of two industries?
9.Term was coined by John Mc Carthy in 1956....something related to agent of intelligence
10.What was born in the labs of Carniege Mellon university in 1985 as 'chipset'.First instant of Man vs Machine in Sports
11.Restaurant chain was founded by 5 students named it after Rolling stones song?
12.95% of the population with an access to the internet of some form,Broad band is a basic right in this country,Hint given A brand from this country is a market leader in India.
13.Who is the current shirt sponsor of Manchester United?
14.T9 dictionary in mobiles,Expand T9?
15.Adame Cohen's book story of which enterprise?
16.Management guru's pic,famous for positioning
17.Google doodle - Samuel Morse's Birthday
18.Wiyi is emal from whom?
19.Hum Tum aur Ghost - Film ,Name the producer?
20.Ad - Taj Holidays

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