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Prelims of Kindle Quiz by Pranab Mukherjee

Prelims of the quiz, courtesy Mr Subhasis Dey.(Winner of Tata Track - Kolkata 2010 from metal junction )

Please find below the prelims of college quiz organised by KINDLE magazine for BirlaInst.of Mgmt. by Parnab Mukherjee.

1.       Which sporting body laid down the rules of modern lawn tennis ?
2.       To whom did David O. Selznick 1st offer the role of Vronsky in his production of ‘Anna Karenia’ ?
3.       If penguin is for adults then what for children/kids ?
4.       Expand UNHCR.
5.       Which famous jockey is also nicked named ‘Old Stonefaced’ ?
6.       What was the 1st unintended international project of the Road Dept. of PWD of West Bengal that toured 10 countries ?
7.       Who wrote the immortal two-worded ad line ‘Only Vimal’ ?
8.       What daily object has a sleeve and a tray ?
9.       Name the 1st western person to win erstwhile Soviet Union’s Order of Lenin ?
10.   Which sport kept in Olympics after being developed for Television has among its legends Ken Stifles and Rany Stokles ?
11.   Mt. Kailash is a sacred place associated with lord Shiva and which other Hindu deity ?
12.   Name the former union minister has modeled for Bombay Dying ?
13.   What is “Dutch Courage” ?
14.   Born in Surinam, known as ‘Pit-bull’ by his teammates. Who ?
15.   Which country was the 1st to issue a stamp on Gary Kaspvoro ?
16.   Who is known as “harry potter of cricket” ? Middle name – Luca .
17.   Who was the 1st Indian to model for times magazine ?
18.   Which US slang does “Dead President” dealing with ?
19.   Name the term which is being used in biology, economics and mathematics and also having a movie on same name.
20.   Which movie marks A.R.Rahman having an award ?
21.   Name the movie for which Asha Bhosle and Michael Stipes sung together ?
22.   Which trust reserves the rights for Gandhiji’s book ?
23.   Audio tracks- National Anthem/Song of which country ?
24.   Audio tracks-Which pune based band ?
25.   Audio tracks.- Which cartoon series ?
26.   Which term used in economic has been termed from a baby’s life period ?

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