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Trivia Post: A Bar INSIDE a Tree

Some people are willing to go anywhere to get a drink, even within a tree. This bar in the trunk of a Baobab tree is filled with people traveling long distances as long as a drink. But that is so unique that tree?

A bar inside the trunk of a Baobab tree has tourists flocking from far and wide just to drink a cold brew in the amazing tavern. It was fashioned inside a massive 72 foot (22 meters) high tree in a garden in Limpopo, South Africa, for thirsty locals. The trunk is hollow, but its walls are still up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) thick. The tree has its own cellar, with natural ventilation to keep the beer cold.

Carbon-dating has determined the ancient tree to be about 6,000 years old. “This tree is likely to be older than the Giza Pyramids of Egypt.” said Heather van Heerden, owner of Sunland Farm. She and her husband Doug came up with the brainchild to set a bar up inside when they found a natural hollow in the Baobabb shortly after they bought the farm in the late 1980′s.
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