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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2010-Goa Edition (Final Round)

Credit: Rajiv D'Silva
Round 1
1. Which company was called the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie and was the first to issue stocks and pay dividend to its investors?
2. What virtual platform allows 20 people to chat at a time, with the text of the chat apperaing as speech bubbles coming from the chat avatars?
3. In the 1830’s a Scottish man named Alexander received financing from an Englishman named Joseph to produce woolen fabrics. What company did they start?
4. Sim Wong Hoo started out developing an add-on memory board for the Apple II computer. Some years later, they became a major competitor for Apple in the audio devices segment. Which company?
5. In stock market parlance, what is “cigarette butt hunting’?
6. It is a Japanese word for ‘unity’ and also refers to a cluster of six stars that are part of the Taurus constellation. Which company?

Round 2 – Visual
1. Pic of world map showing a trans-global network. – Internet data cables
2. Pic of author smoking a cigar, his only commercial endorsement – PG Wodehouse
3. Logo – Dunkin Donuts
4. Stamp – Commemorating India’s Antarctic mission
5. Device branded i-Pad – Fujitsu
6. Pic – V. G. Siddhartha of CafĂ© Coffee Day.
Round 3 – Tata
1. “We do only what’s right for you”
2. Which Tata product won the Sniff Award for innovation?
3. Which subsidiary of Indian Hotels owns Ginger?
4. Which institute has a programme where international students can visit India and work on community initiatives?
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