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The Forbes 400

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp, remains at the top. The number of list members whose wealth declined this year is 85 compared with 314 in 2009, while wealth increased for 217 members. The collective net worth of the 400 billionaires rose by 8 per cent from 2009, totalling $1.37 trillion - approximately the same as the GDP of Spain or Canada.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source
1 Bill Gates

Bill Gates

$54 B 54 Medina, WA Microsoft
2 Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

$45 B 80 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway
3 Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

$27 B 66 Woodside, CA Oracle
4 Christy Walton

Christy Walton

$24 B 55 Jackson, WY Walmart
5 Charles Koch

Charles Koch

$21.5 B 74 Wichita, KS manufacturing, energy
5 David Koch

David Koch

$21.5 B 70 New York, NY manufacturing, energy
7 Jim Walton

Jim Walton

$20.1 B 62 Bentonville, AR Walmart
8 Alice Walton

Alice Walton

$20 B 61 Fort Worth, TX Walmart
9 S. Robson Walton

S. Robson Walton

$19.7 B 66 Bentonville, AR Walmart
10 Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

$18 B 68 New York, NY Bloomberg

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