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Tata Crucible Corporate Pune 2010

Here are random questions from TC Pune's final round including Tata Track as well as Non-Tata track; as best remembered;

- On 14 Jan 1965 an important act was passed along with the parliament act to establish what?

- Which bank Devkaran Nanji Bank formed?
- "Cares you but not burns you".
- Identify him.

- bk is trading symbol of whom?
- who sang “Tandurusti ki Raksha Karta Hai Lifebuoy”?
- with whom did walt disney patner in india ? lalit modi
- A question on fly emirates
- Cif :: Aviance :: Knorr
- He is the owner of............

- Who is he?

- A question on peta
- Unique stores of tanishq by young designers.
- Who is the world's leading developer of learning solutions?
- Tata Nano won a gold in new product development category, what?
- A question on tata bp solar

- A question on Tehelka - tarun tejpal
- A question on Thomas Watson
- A question on GE

- Hospitality chain captains retreat at Chandigarh
- A question on patent
- wall street orginal blockade by dutch
- your move Reebok tagline: am what I am
- IN MDG, M stands for what, where DG is Dolce Gabbana ?
- Genius bar text support area
- Physco label
- A question on Darjeeling tea geographical identity
- What got inspiration from hamlet?
- At webbie award who gave five word speech "every character counts, Thank you"?

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