Brand Update

Desi Brand

LoGO TaLe: Saraswat bank

The logo is an adaptation of a hexagon, made to look like two protective hands placed over each other, as though “guarding” its customers and their savings. It makes use of red (known for warmth and auspiciousness) and yellow (symbolising wealth, dynamism, sunshine and optimism). Further, the colours are brighter in the centre of the design and create a halo effect.
The two hands are placed with a gap in between, which is shaped like a bolt of lightning, once again a symbol of dynamism and energy. The logo, at a subliminal level, looks like an ‘S’ (for ‘Saraswat’). Astrologically, the yellow and red combination is a union of Mars and Jupiter, which is considered to be auspicious (‘Raj Yog’).
Old Logo
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