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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Abinaya

ABout the QuiZmaster: Abinaya is currently employed as a Programmer Analyst at Texas.Abinaya is an avid quizzer since her school days and is very interested in current affairs,technology and history.She maintains and updates her quiz blog at
Her other interests include reading,music and cooking.

1) Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar was an Indian classicial vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana.Her numerous achievements include the Padma Bhushan,Rajya Gayika,A music festival in her memory every year at Goa.Apart from all this she holds the credit of being the only Indian to do this? What?

2)X is current a Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education at Newcastle University,UK.He pioneered the 'HIW'-Hole in the wall experiment in 1999 where a computer was placed in a kiosk created within the walls across many slums from Delhi to Italy.The experiment aimed at proving that kids could be taught computers very easily without any formal training.The Hole in the Wall experiment has left a mark on popular culture. Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup read about Mitra's experiment and was inspired to write his debut novel Q & A - this subsequently went on to become the movie Slumdog Millionaire.Identify X?

3)Y was founded by Richard Wurman and Harry Marks in 1984 and has been held annually since 1990.Since 2002 Y has been hosted by Chris Anderson and managed by his non profit 'The Sapling Foundation'.As of now Y is held in across 60 countries and the annual membership fee for participating in Y is $6000 which includes attendance of Y, club mailings, networking tools and Y's DVDs.What is Y?
Hint:Attendees of Y are called 'Y'sters.

4)What product/company's first Ad was this?

5)What is unique about this ?
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