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Do Schools get their money ?

Accountability Initiative (AI) is a research initiative that strives to track and disseminate information on existing levels of accountability in various government programs. PAISA (Planning, Allocations and Expenditures, Institutions: Studies in Accountability) is AI’s flagship initiative to this end.
India’s financial investment to provide basic public services – education, health, drinking water – has increased substantially. However state capacity to deliver these services has not been strengthen adequately and absenteeism, inefficiency and corruption continue to weaken the delivery system. Systematic failures of accountability lie at the heart of the problem.

Accountability initiative is a research initiative that works to promote accountability for service delivery by developing innovative models for tracking government programs, disseminating this information to policy makers as well as citizens, and undertaking research on how to strengthen accountability for improved service delivery in India

To kick-off this project, PAISA team had conducted an extensive survey at the school level in an endeavor to track the flow of funds from the central governments through the governance chain all the way to the schools in the Indian government’s school education program Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

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