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Trivia Post: Oldest detergent soap

The first “self-acting” laundry detergent was launched by Henkel in the German market on June 6, 1907, and was given the name “Persil”. The name derived from the two most important chemical raw materials in the product, perborate and silicate.
Persil quickly made its name on the market, winning the trust of consumers. To assure consumers of the product’s consistently high quality, Persil was given a manufacturer’s warranty.
The “White Lady,” created in 1922, was Persil’s most famous advertising image. She featured on placards and metal signs until the beginning of the 1960s.
When she started smiling again for Persil in 1950 for the first time since the World War II, she conveyed to many Germans the feeling that lasting peace had finally arrived.
Today, both Henkel and Unilever manufacture their own formulations. Persil is Unilever's premium brand in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
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