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The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Anubhav Chatterjee

ABout the QuiZmaster: Anubhav Chatterjee,working with T.I.Cycles of India(Murugappa Group) for the past 2 years in the area of sales.An inquizzitive person since my childhood got exposed to professional quizzing during my stay in Pune.Passionate about Quizzing,Movies,Music and a complete foodie.

Q1.The idea of this company was conceived by Mr.Pai in Germany in the year 1959. He found that car seat cushions were manufactured of rubberised coir. The manufacturer was importing curled coir from Sri Lanka.Identify the company that is being talked about?

Q2.The Indian brand takes its name from an invention by Baron Karl von Drais.Identify the company?

Q3. When Jaikumar Pathare and L Jaipal Reddy, two electrical engineers left their jobs with the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, they planned on starting a business of their own. From small government contracts they turned their gaze on to the clothing industry and after much thought zeroed in on, of all things — the men’s underwear business. “We were in search of a product and felt underwear was the right one. We felt there is scope because it required less investment at that time – some Rs 20 lakh. Of course today it is quite different,”Identify the company they founded?

Q4.On 25th December 1954 three dreamers, Mr.D.P.Gupta, Mr.P.D.Gupta, and Mr.R.K.Bansal in a small town in Punjab thought of producing an Indian brand of footwear to make basic necessity available to their countrymen. Soon the product and the name became generic to quality footwear. How do we know the company?

Q5.X is a male member of a shakti entrepreneur family. In 2000,HUL collaborated with self-help groups to expand its rural reach .It parternered women entrepreneurs called Shakti Amma from rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and 14 other states by offering them business oppurtunities.What is X ?

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