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The First Motor car

A Catholic priest named Father Ferdinand Verbiest has been said to have built a steam powered vehicle for the Chinese Emperor Chien Lung around 1678.

The first vehicle to move under its own power for which there is a record was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and constructed by M. Brezin in France in 1769. It ran on steam and on rails. A replica of this vehicle is on display at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, in Paris. Cugnot (1725 – 1804) was a French inventor and military engineer experimented with working models of steam-engine-powered vehicles for the French Army, intended for transporting cannon, starting in 1765 and built a working vehicle that was steam powered, using the steam to turn a piston that turned the wheels in 1769.

The first non-rail automobile was made by Jean Joseph √Čtienne Lenoir (January 12, 1822 - August 4, 1900) he was a Belgian engineer, generally credited with designing the world's first internal-combustion engine.

The Lenoir Engine

By 1859, Lenoir's experimentation with electricity led him to develop the first internal combustion engine, a single-cylinder two-stroke engine which burnt a mixture of coal gas and air ignited by a "jumping spark" ignition system by Ruhmkorff coil, and which he patented in 1860.
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