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The Puma solar phone !!!!!

Puma wants people to have fun in the sun with their new video chat-capable phone...and charge its battery at the same time. A new smartphone from German sports company Puma is been launched through a partnership with France's Sagem Wireless. It has an integrated solar cell and an eco-metering function that displays all the resulting energy savings.
With a tablet form factor, a 2.8-inch thumbable screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a VGA video call camera, the Puma Phone is available for an estimated retail price of EUR 399.
The Puma phone comes with maps of Europe with pedestrian navigation. The phone is also loaded with email and full Web browsing capabilities, a scratch-turntable-simulating MP3 player, a “sarcastic” calculator, and Puma phone-to-Puma phone picture sharing technology.
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