Brand Update

Desi Brand

Mirakle Couriers : Deaf Adults for a Professional Service

What They Do

Mirakle Couriers is a courier company with a difference as we employ only deaf adults. Deafness is an invisible disability, and has been largely ignored in India. All the staff members including delivery personnel are deaf.

Our business model is based on creating a service driven profitable enterprise that uses the deaf. To this end, we marry professional excellence with social cause. While our services are currently available only in Mumbai, we plan to extend our operations to other cities soon.

Why Deaf
India has one of the highest deaf populations in the world. Due to strong stigma in the society there are virtually no job opportunities for this isolated population. Outdated vocations such as candle making have shunned this community; Mirakle Couriers wants to change this grim scenario. It wants to economically empower this community and make them more visible in the Indian society.
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