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Casual Six - 2

Hi everyone,
Below is the second edition of Casual Six.
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Q.1.Lets begin with something familiar,if you get one of these it will get you 'make famous'.Identify this award

Q.2.The four together created an iconic company in the US.

Q.3.This is a sketch of a school called Moses Brown School,this school was the first to install a product/technology in 1964,well a recent event showed why in India we should have more of this product/technology in India

Q.4.This man could scale 'hotness'.Identify him and the scale he invented.

Q.5.This is the first laboratory of a company.Identify

Q.6.What could be possible common in the above twp pics?Man on the left started a 'university', the pic on the left is a CSR initiative.
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