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The state of Paranoia

After hearing above line from someone I would have straightway tracked my mind towards “Only the Paranoid Survive“and the toward “Andrew S. Grove”, but recently someone connected this to an urdu ghazal……..
This person is a Kind-of-expert in urdu language, esp. Awadhi (the sweetest form of hindi, as we nawabi people says)
He quoted me a very interesting classic ghazal from some Siraj Aurangabadi…
Khabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sunn, na junoon raha na pari rahi
Na toh tu raha na mein raha, jo rahi toh bas ye be-khabari rahi
Crux of this is: The only thing which is left now is the state of self-unconsciousness: where neither you exist nor I.
On further discussion he explained me that the state of “be-khabari ” or “Self-consciousness” is also a state of paranoia. This term paranoia was derived from the Greek term Paranous, which roughly meant "beyond the mind" (para = outside; nous = mind).
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