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LoGO TaLe: Citroen double arrow

André Citroën's inspiration was the wooden gears with spiral teeth, produced by a Polish inventor and business partner's.thus the reason behind the logo. Citroen brand is stylized and two teeth "cut" on the clutch.This logo was derived from the herringbone gear shift. His first industrial adventure was a small gear cutting business called 'Engrenages Citroen' in Fauburg St Denis when he introduced the 'logo' for his company as two double helical 'chevrons'. This emblem survived all his other subsequent activities and is still the internationally recognisable double chevron logo of Citroen cars. 
In 1919, Company start production of cars, the first model is Type A, we observed first logo Citroen, octagonal with arrows logo on a blue background with silver or gold, on top of the radiator. After been many ups and downs, In 2009, new logo was developed by design firm Landor. Citroen change appearance. Arrows (chevroanele) out in relief, gained strength. Writing Citroen keeps its traditional red color, as a bridge between history and future.

Trivia : Citroen  gears found their way into most French cars and to such diverse avenues as the steering system for the 'Titanic' (Citroen products were used on the Titanic)
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