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Desi Brand

On second thoughts....naaah not so easily!

Ask smokers and drunkards,how easy it is for them for quitting their habits...........leave alone asking many of us actually would believe that a drunkard has actually quit drinking.In fact if some drunkard does say i have quit drinking,one would ask the drunkard "for how many minutes pal??".....Old Habits Die Hard.....

Sometimes when trees grow large and old,it stops bearing fruits,some gardeners would outrightly chop off the tree,some smart gardeners would try the scientifically unproven but a genuine method of threatening the tree by way of making a few cuts on the bark of the tree.The tree as a result of sustaining a few cuts on it's bark feels threatened to be chopped off,and in order to please the gardener it starts bearing fruits.

The above mentioned statements are my own personal view points.

With the news of us shutting down reaching many of our readers,reactions and feedbacks have started to pour in,some of them available on virtual social forums.Some of them verbal and some of them on mail.Considering all the suggestions and feedbacks,we as a team have decided that we are NOT SHUTTING THIS BLOG.In fact some of the feedbacks have been the motivation to revive this blog,and run it the way it was in it's prime.Thank you everyone for showing interest in this blog and encouragement provided to revive it.All we can say for the moment is "just wait and watch"

Team Bizdom!
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