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Few more posts, before we shut-down

Finally I decided to quit quizzing, and yes Bizdom too, don't know what will be the future of this blog.
However before shutting down this blog, I decided to pay-back all our readers (for their supports), my BiZdom team-mates, esp Shiv & Ankit (Sorry bro's I can't do it anymore)
लाइफ मे और भी गम है इस मुहब्बत (QuiZ) के सिवा...

I will post few of my quizzes on this blog before I call it a day and don't worry I am not going to irritate you all, by not giving the answers...

je vous aime tous

QuiZ : Au revoir Part 1...
1. The pension scheme was launched by the British. When the poor peasants came to claim the pensions, the officials were not able to recognize the people. As such many peasants used to fool the officials. What came out as the solution? Thumb Impression
2. It is a surname of Dutch origin, with the literal meaning of "rose-field." Is best known for leading the US through the Great Depression using his New Deal, building a powerful Democratic Party, and leading the Allies in World War II against Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Imperial Japan. Probably one of the greatest Americans to live ever.
3. They are fictitious ‘mutants’ who, as a result of a sudden leap in evolution, are born with latent ’superhuman’ abilities, which generally manifest themselves at or very near puberty. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, they debuted in September 1963.
4. Technically it is a fruit, since it is the ripened ovary of a plant. However in 1893, the US supreme court ruled in the case of "NIX vs. HEDDEN" that they were to be considered vegetables. -- Tomato
5. His real name was Dhanpat Rai , was born in Pandepur , a village near Banaras (now Varanasi). His father Mushi Ajaib Lal was a clerk in the Postal Department.
Munshi Premchand
6. Traditionally there are 101 classical stories. Most of them were initially composed to last a whole night. Nowadays there is increasing popularity for concise versions of every story (lasting 2-4 hours instead of a whole night) . Which form of ancient dance are we talking about?
7. He changed his surname from "Sakpal" to "_________" with the recommendation of his teacher from his native village in Ratnagiri district. He was selected by the Gayakwad ruler to travel to the United States and enroll at Columbia University, with a scholarship of $11.5 per month. In 1916, he was awarded a Ph.D. for a thesis, which he eventually published in book form as The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India.
B.R. ambedkar
8. When Carl David Anderson (1905-91) discovered a new particle in cosmic radiation with a mass between that of the electron and the proton, he named it 'mesotron'. Which scientist wrote an article to The Nature and got the name of the particle changed to meson? HOMI. J. BHABHA
9. At the Battle of Pollilur in 1780, it was effectively used on a large scale against British Army. Later in 1797 a British officer Col. William Congreve took the idea to England, what are we talking about?
Idea of Rockets, which was being used by Tipu sultan against East India Co.
10. X means 2 personal
Y means 11
Z is 22, and
Z+ is 36 what are we talking about?
Grade of security by govt of India.
11. She is consider to be the daughter or consort of Brahma. Thus along with the goddess Lakshmi and Pravati she forms the Tridevi. Also its children are the vedas, oldest sacred texts of Hnduism. = Saraswati
12. It was discovered by Sir John Marshall in 1921. It extended for 1000 miles from Sutkagen Dor to the neighborhood of Rupar. Eastwards it stretched from Karachi through Kathiawad to Narmada and the Gulf of Kambay. What are we talking about?
Indus valley civilization

13. From 1989 onwards, the phrase "and the winner is..." on announcing Oscar winners was replaced by which new five word phrase that was intended to give the impression that there were no losers? “And the Oscar goes to .. “
14. Who said “It should not be the business of government to be in business”. Tory legend was the only British Prime minister in last 170 years to won 3 terms of Prime Ministership? Margaret Thatcher
15. This film was to be made both in Hindi and English versions. The English version was to be titled "Paint It Yellow". However, later the plan for the English version was dropped subsequently. Which famous movie are we talking about? Rang De Basanti
16. The movie was shot in approximately 40 days. Its cast includes Lillete Dubey (Pimmi Verma) and Neha Dubey (playing Ayesha Verma) who are mother and daughter in real life. Monsoon Wedding
17. Presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the ____are a set of awards presented to the "world's best websites". Webby Awards
18. In 1961 – The British newspaper The Observer published English lawyer Peter Benenson's article The Forgotten Prisoners, starting a letter-writing campaign that grew and became the human rights organization as Amnesty International.
19. On August 7, 1948, the first Pakistani feature film, Teri Yaad, premièred at the Parbhat Theater in Lahore. It starred Asha Posley as the heroine and Nasir Khan, who was Dilip Kumar's brother, as the hero.
20. This city’s name means “The Place at the Frontier”, so named by Akbar due to its proximity to the Khyber pass, which for centuries, had been the vantage points as a gateway for the invaders. Its earlier name was “City of Flowers”, “City of Grain”, and “Lotus Land” – Peshawar.
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