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AQAD 55 (Kaun hain yeh!)

Having made the declaration of continuing on with the blog.I was contemplating as to what should be our revival post.In between all this contemplation more feedbacks came in from our kind readers, most of them boosting our confidence and some of them all most challenging us to bring it on! Hence i got kick started to make this post after a long time.From today onwards team bizdom starts it revival process.

We begin with a visual question.

On the right is a pic of a man, by profession he was a pilot.He made significant contributions for his country.However he is credited with the idea of starting something in a particular sport.What is the idea and who is this man.

Air Marshall Nur Khan.he was a pilot with PIA .He's the founder of the annual Champions Trophy in hockey.Also credited with giving the idea to FIH for starting the Hockey World Cup.

Replies to be sent to :

Pls note: Please send in your replies to the above mentioned mail ids only.As there have been instances earlier whereby the replies have gone to my team mates instead of reaching me.Thus pls ensure tht the correct mail id is filled in when u press the send button.

Awaiting ur replies.....

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