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Review IMT G - Quorisity

All be it a slightly late review,but still i feel this quiz deserves a review.Mind u m not a fond writer of any reviews,just that i felt this should not pass by without any noteworthy mention.A sunday afternoon i had to think twice before going to attend the quiz,as to y shud i attend a b school quiz having been passed out more than a year ago,but having attended the quiz i felt it was the time worth spending.Yes Mr Souvik Basu played the quizmaster's role to a nicety.I have been to some quizzes where many new quizmasters try to be a "Bond" when they are at quiz mastering,as its always easy to be one when u knw all the ans,and u r at the asking end of the quiz and not the answering end.Souvik did very well to not to fall in that trap.He spent his wits wisely and also kept the audience interested.Full marks for the time management and quality of question.A good research backed up by good presentation is the least that can be said of the quiz.All in all a fantastic quiz.
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